Welcome to Ormonds' Net

Here you will find your favorite Ormond creations but please be patient as we make the transition from our scattered homes to this new location.  Before long you will see the following move-ins:
Everyday Yoga
A Yoga journal by Tyran—On again, off again, much like Tyran on the mat.

The Journal of Journeys
by Jonas Marcel—Locked at due to directions given by Jonas.  If you already know the "secret knock" then you still have full access.  Where are you Jonas?

The Other Journal of Journeys
by Various—Yes, we "borrowed" the name of Jonas' journal.  He's been missing for over three years now, I have the sinking feeling that he won't care.

The Darkwood Inn
A rather odd roadside inn that just appeared from nowhere.  Naryt's the innkeeper there.  Seems he has a small group of adventurers from far off Westaven staying there.  He's also mentioned something about a handful of Yrthians that pass through now and then.  There's also a handful of people from New York staying there, not sure why though.

What Do I Know?
A Blog by Shanna—Not quite what it used to be.

The Whinery Behind the Beaded Curtain
A Blog by Tyran—Rather neglected, don't you think?

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