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Tue, 01 Jul 2003

House Cleaning

Making some minor layout changes.  I realized that I have become a bit cluttered here, this was especially true if you are viewing the site using Microsoft's broken browser.  Speaking of the great broken browser, since it can't render CSS2 properly the right column is all funky.  I'll modify the site later today to allow you to specify your browser type and see the site as I mean it to be seen whether you're using a compliant browser (MOZILLA! and others) or the great broken browser.

This entry authored by Tyran at 07:47

The Pain of Progress and Assaying an Essay

Today was supposed to be the great unveiling of an updated IUMS.  IUMS?  You might wonder what that is, can't say I blame you.  IUMS (Industrial Users Maintenance System) is an application I co-developed for work and it's in desperate need of updating.  Well the initial update is complete but when I tried installing it on a workstation:  Boom, my software took a nose dive right into the bit bucket.  Worse, the error message and the error logs were of absolutely no use to me.  I then realized something even worse.  This application relays data through an server to the main database.  When I requested the powers that be open a port in the firewall for this data to be relayed, I fat-fingered the address and turned an 8 into a 9.  Now I would have to repetition the mighty gatekeepers, admit my fault and have them open the port on the correct address.

Impressively enough, the port problem was corrected within ten minutes of my email being sent.  If only it were that easy to track the install problem.  Finally I tracked it down to one of the updated reporting components.  It was set to load a template file from a networked location that only I could access.  Previously, this had not been a problem because the component did not attempt to check or load any template until I specifically called it and before before calling it, I would load it with the correct template.  Well, the default behavior had been modified so the component attempted to load any referenced templates on creation.  Once I determined what the problem was, it only took two lines of code and one property change to correct the problem.  Unfortunately, it took four hours to determine exactly what the problem was.

OMWell, I'm starting on my Yoga Essays tonight and my practice this evening only served to strengthen my resolve.  I was using Susanne Deeson's Yoga for Lower Body DVD workout and that's exactly what it was:  A workout, it was not a practice.  To me, a practice is having the time to observe the poses, to listen to ones body while in adho mukha svanasana or tadasana.  There is no time to see that a pose is properly aligned, centered, and balanced if one is only holding the pose for two or three seconds before moving to another pose.  This is not Yoga, it is working out.  I will keep using the DVD workouts though because they are as close as I have to a regular teacher to help me with my poses and I could definitely use a regular exercise workout.

Hah, I just received my current copy of the Yoga Journal newsletter and it's talking along the same lines as what I've been writing.  The poll question is:  What have we lost and gained as we integrate yoga into our modern life and culture?

This entry authored by Tyran at 17:42

Sat, 05 Jul 2003

Celebrating Family

We've had a busy couple of days, as we usually do this time of year.  Shanna's parents have a sleep over for the whole family every 3rd of July.  We had a little celebration for Shanna's nephew, CJ, who will be leaving on a two year mission to the New York area on the 23rd of this month.  CJ is a great young man and I am so thrilled that my sons have such a good role model to follow.  I hold no illusion that my sons will want to follow me as much as they will want to follow others.  My hope lies in teaching them good values and pointing them toward role models who portray those values.  I fear that I, like fathers before me, am destined to be the authority figure against whom my sons will rebel to establish their independence.  As to my girls, I have no idea what to expect.  Every day I wade further and further into unknown territory.

This entry authored by Tyran at 11:09

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