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Wed, 14 Dec 2005

Just Go Away!

I've made some very major changes here at the Whinery.  The least obvious one is that I've moved the server from Freedom2Surf to a server that I actually control.  The move means much more work on my end but the cost difference between $32.00 and $120.00 per year is worth the extra effort.

The second change is much more dramatic:  Comments are gone and they will remain gone.  If you really feel the need to tell me what you think about one of my posts, email me.  I'm not going to continue to host other people's views on my site.  If you want to speak your mind about something I've written and have it available to the world, host your own site.  Oh, if that sounded angry, good.

Now on to some real whine!  Every year during the fall, I lapse into a mild to moderate depression and this year is no different.  Please note the use of the word EVERY in the preceding sentence.  If you missed it, read it again.  Every year.  As this is an annual occurrence, I would think that those who have dealt with my depression during this period of time would actually remember that A) This happens every, there's that word again, year and B) That although I try to keep it under wraps, sometimes I just lose it and become very depressed and at that point I don't care if you love me or hate me, I just want you all to go very very very far away or at least just leave me alone.

I like schedules, they help keep me busy and that helps keep me out of depression's depths at least a little.  Avoiding stress also helps me avoid the bottom of the well.  Now, guess what happens around the 20th of November and continues through the end of the year?  First, stress levels go through the roof because everyone has to plan something for every night and it all MUST come off perfectly!  Secondly, even though the events themselves are highly scheduled, everything leading up to them is anything but scheduled.  To make matters worse, every time I try to impose my own schedule on at least those things I am required to do to make these events happen, I discover that my schedules are too restrictive or are not good enough for those in charge.

All of this being the case, you can all, as the title says, just go away!

This entry authored by Tyran at 12:13

Thu, 15 Dec 2005

It's Just Not Normal!

Says who?  In my world it is ABNORMAL for people to not deal with bouts of seasonal depression.  So what if that's not normal in your world?  Don't tell me that there are medicatioins available or other treatments that can help me have a normal life.  To be blunt, don't force your views of what is normal on me or I'll do my best to force my view of what is normal right back on you.  Just accept the fact that, quite literally, the stars are not in the proper alignment for me to be in a chipper mood and leave me alone.  If you decide to intrude into my reality anyway, then expect to come away bruised.

Now that that is out of the way, I should clear up my comments on comments from yesterday.  You would not believe the raunchy child pornography related filth that has been routinely showing up as comment SPAM.  I'm tired of deleting it, I'm tired of dealing with it and so comments are gone, forever.  Although the statement from yesterday was a blanket, Take a hike! aimed squarely at everyone, that's not exactly what I'm after.  I actually like getting feedback on the things I write, which is the reason that the email link at the bottom of each page is still there, but I will not tolerate the blatant abuse that the scum of hell seem to feel they have the right to propagate.  To facilitate reader feedback, I'm adding an email link to the end of each entry.

This entry authored by Tyran at 12:20

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