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Tue, 22 Aug 2006

Same Old Song

PLEASE, please, please tell me that none of you are using Internet Explorer!  If you are, don't fool yourself:  Researcher: Microsoft patch opens users to attack.  The latest patch for IE actually causes it to be a wide open vector for any knowledgeable cracker to take control of your computer.  All, that is needed is to convince you to visit a maliciously crafted website using IE and your machine is theirs.  There is absolutely no excuse for continuing to use IE.  But my bank only works with IE!  Then call them on it, I did with Capital One.  I complained every time I had to access their site and I included articles like the one above.  Now Capital One and Firefox are best of friends!  I'm sure that it wasn't just my complaining but I know that my complaining and pointing out IE's security flaws did help.

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